Monday, November 29, 2010

Love is in the air.

Dear new entry,

today is not as beautiful as it is compare to previous 4 days in a row. i was completely like a character in a fairytale, even i may not be the Cinderella, the scenes for the days was like legend. from the beginning, the day 1, i was so eager to meet him. i prepared some food stuffs as i think it would be great to prepare him something delicious, like corn pudding. 2 bags were full with clothes and the stuffs. even more, he was so surprised to see how on earth a girl can pick a lot of things in travel bag as just to spend their holidays less than a week. :) anyway, that is why it is called a girl. Girl's thing.

through out the 4 days, he treated me like a queen. he even cooked and said, "abg nak belajar masak nanti senang kalau ayg pregnant. ayg bukan bleh masak taim tuh" :)  so happy...

when we played around, making jokes, i can see your true laugh , i can see you are happy, you are easy with me. u always mentioned, i am the best. u asked me to be what i am right now till the end of our life time. Abg, i always promise you, i want to be the best, the very best i could be. listen to you, because you are the one that shines the day. its you the only reason that i am happy all the day, keep thinking of you, i know i can be sick one day. it is more than enough that we both keep contacting each other every day. :)

& abang, thanks for all the perfect memory, i seeking the other opportunities to make great memories with you in other time.. till we meet again, :)

Love is always in the air;


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